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World Tour

Hello, Human!

Our humble space agency wants to cook waffles for you and your community! Starting in August, we’ll be in the mood to come through your town and make a pitch for extraterrestrial anarchist diaspora, technological solidarity networks, and visions of mutual aid in the space age.

Why should anyone care about space travel when there are so many problems here on Earth? Isn’t colonizing Mars just, well, colonial thinking? Why should anarchists get involved in something that has always been the pet project of oligarchs and chumps?

DONT MISS OUT! As we will answer all of these questions to a greater or lesser degree of accuracy and conviction, and follow up with a general discussion about why everything is fucked up and who is going to do the dishes.

DON’T FORGET! There will be waffles.

We are really excited to talk about the exploration and habitation of space. We know we sound crazy.

Have some waffles.

Why a Space Program?

It's an excuse to be great. To learn, build, envision a long future and a successful one.

It's a chance to plot the future, apply our theories of human reality and ecology to the scale of history. There's no reason we can't come together and do amazing things. And there's a lot of things to be done.

You get some people together and learn microbiology, I join a hackerspace and build robots, someone else gets a welding torch and a backyard shop. We join together over drinks and work parties, taking small steps on our way to the stars. We run into another group with the same intentions. They've got oxygen scrubbers and ballistics calculus.

We keep bouncing around, taking a long view, incorporating everything we can into the long-term flow. We can head together into the future, fixing the problems we face and moving on to the next. We can pass the mission on to our children, give to their capable hands our launchpads and libraries, secure in the knowledge that the program is being carried out.

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We also maintain our own chat room. It is *very* exclusive. Come hang out with us at habdat labs.